Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

Welcome curious and creative soul – I’m so glad you found this healing, creative space.

Let me share with you some things I know your creative soul is longing for you to know.

You were born to be creative. You were meant to live a happy creative life.  Letting art into your life can truly heal your soul. You have hidden creative superpowers just waiting for you to access and set free.

Let me show you how to access your inner creative awesome

Mini Creative Coaching Quiz

Insta-Faves: Life LatelyAre you looking to become creatively active and inspired? Perhaps you don’t quite know where to begin. Come take my FREE Mini Creative Coaching Questionnaire and get yourself lots of lovely ideas and inspiration to get your creativity moving and flowing again.

It will be like being able to pick my brains in person and grab your own coaching suggestions. Click here to read more or simply sign up below to take the quiz today. You’ll also get access to our free Curious Library, exclusive newsletters and Monthly Curious Circle Meditation too.


insta-faves: march and aprilWhen we allow ourselves to freely create and explore without judgement, all kinds of things start to happen in our souls.

We become more emotionally stable, happier with our lives and we can really begin to connect with our truest selves.

This makes us much healthier and well-rounded women, with more patience and energy than before, which then leaves us more able than ever to live our best lives.

And who on this beautiful earth wouldn’t want to achieve that? I know I would!

Summertime Me-Time

Are you looking for a little something that’s just for you this Summer?

Magical Moon MaidensIf so, I could have just the thing (or indeed things!)

It can be hard during the Summer break, especially if like me you’re naturally a bit of an introvert. You might find you need a bit of time to yourself – even if that time is just a few moments with your phone and headphones sneaked into a busy day.

I have lots of gorgeous options for you to explore in order to help you get that time you need so much – and I can cater for literally any budget!

Head on over to the me-time page to read all about it and make sure you make time for you this Summer – it’s easier to do than you think!

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Here are just some of the many benefits I have personally seen when women allow creativity into their lives:

  • Happiness and calm.
  • a catch up, some quotes and lots of insta-loveFeelings of accomplishment and empowerment.
  • An improved sense of self love and contentment.
  • Freedom for you in the form of arty me-time.
  • More powerful, more connected meditation and intuitive practices (if that’s your thing).
  • Being able to use and understand your emotions in a healthy and supportive way.
  • Opening up more about your emotions in a simple and safe environment.
  • Using your own energy positively to protect the ego from harm.
  • Making yourself less vulnerable to being affected by sudden shifts in the situations surrounding you.
  • A regular creative practice also provides stability for your emotions and can support you on a path of growth.


I know from my own experience that the one thing that calms me in times of turbulence is my art. Or indeed watching others making art. Sometimes that’s all I need – I don’t even need to break out the paints myself!

It’s a powerful form of healing that quietens the monkey mind, engages your soul and really helps you shine and grow in all senses.

Anything creative quite literally soothes my soul. And I know it can soothe and empower yours too.

Come join us in September for a wonderful luxury retreat in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

insta faves: february editionThis is going to be so very special – I can hardly wait to get started! We will spend two whole blissful days together having a blast painting our Guardian Angel, learning how to manage stress and getting to know crystals and how they can support our lives.

We’ll have a relaxing gong bath, lots of lovely scrumptious food and will go away with a whole crowd of new friends and our hearts full of gratitude and love.

It’s going to be a really outstanding experience for everyone – I know you will love it and will want to come back again and again. Head on over to our retreat page to read more and get booked in – there are only 15 spots available so definitely don’t delay!

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artist sarah leonardMy name is Sarah and I’m an artist, creative healer and wise old soul.

I work with all kinds of people – holistic health workers, healers, lightworkers. Artists, beginners, crafters, hobbyists and curious souls.

Together we create the space they need to shine and grow.

Being creative is not a luxury – it’s not just for the rich or for people who have the time. It’s essential to everybody. Looking after your spiritual and emotional health can take on many different forms – I’m going to suggest to you that creativity is one of the most powerful healing modalities there is.

How do I know that? Because it healed my own life.

It’s also super fun, rewarding and a great way to unwind!


insta-art: an angel of communityI’m here to challenge you to ignite a spark of inspiration inside you. This tiny spark might have been dormant for a very long time. It might never have been allowed to flicker and flame at all. But it’s there, waiting for you. I’d like to help you light that fire.

As awakened and whole women we have to make space to grow, thrive and shine.

Creative activities give you exactly that. Space.

You can dream while you doodle.

Ponder while you paint.

Come create with me then go forth and conquer the world!


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