Welcome curious and creative soul – I am so glad you found this healing , angelic space.

As you can see, you’re surrounded by my serene Aura Angels as you enter this site. Let their calming influence and beautiful energy surround you and support you whilst you are with me here.

Let me share with you some things I know your soul is longing for you to know.

There’s a constant power struggle within all of us. It goes on between our Ego and our Soul Selves.

The ego wants to control us, protect us and often does far too good of a job of that. We can find ourselves constantly terrified and easily thrown off balance by even the smallest things in our lives.

You know the drill – you spend time attuning to your higher purpose and really connecting with your own inner wisdom and your guides. You feel like you have everything sorted out. Then bam – an unexpected bill, a last minute let down or a life event can leave you reeling, on the defensive and full of fear and anger.

No matter how much clearing and healing we may have done already – that’s somehow not quite enough on its own.

This is because clearing (through kinesiology, reiki and other therapies) helps relieve us of those unwanted emotions. The unnecessary emotions – the ones that restrict us. Like fear and anger, as examples.

We do retain the rest of our emotions though – they’re necessary to us. We actually need them. Emotions like love, contentment, joy. When those leftover positive emotions are balanced we can find ourselves feeling super productive, calm and focused.

Which is fabulous!

But even having done all of this work on ourselves, we can so easily undo it all by allowing negative and unexpected events to send us right back to square one – with the ego running the show.

And what happens when the ego is running the show? Feelings of lack, resentment, anger and jealousy all bubble up to the surface of our lives and in a flash undo all of our previously good work if we let them.

So how can we protect our egos and let our soul selves shine?

That is the question after all. How can we protect ourselves from all of this yo-yoing?

By doing something women throughout the ages have always done. By connecting with something we seem to have lost touch with in our busy modern lives.


Creative therapy directs those remaining positive emotions that we need and allows them to do the job they are meant to do. To wrap our ego up in a wonderful energetic blanket of safety. They become a stronger and more stable force that actually protects our ego from unwanted energies.

This allows for a greater balance of power between the soul self and the ego, which ultimately leaves us more able than ever to live our higher purpose and follow our soul’s path.

Creativity can also give the soul self a greater prominence in our lives.

Here are two great options for those of you who are new here, or new to creative therapy and want to dip their toes in the water a little:

Come and join us for five days of fantastic and free creative fun! I will share with you lots of inspiration to get 2018 off to a wonderfully creative start. We begin on January 8th – I really hope you’ll join us!

Click here to read more about the challenge or simply sign up below and you will be on the VIP list in good time. You’ll also have access to a lovely and supportive community circle and a gorgeous library of free resources too.

This is a gorgeous dose of monthly creative inspiration. You can go at your own pace, learn from home and really have fun.

Art heals and can be such a wonderful outlet to help us deal with our emotions. In this offering you will receive lots of lovely monthly creative challenges and videos.

And you can sign up for just $1 per month!

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If you’re a therapist or energy healer, you will know the importance of being spiritually healthy in order to better serve your clients and customers.

You need to be able to access the platform, connect with your soul self and your guides and feel certain you can rely on the information you are giving out.

If you can make sure your soul self gets the lion’s share of the control, and that your ego is wrapped up safely in a calming blanket of your positive emotions, you know that will mean more uninterrupted time with your soul self standing proud.

You can do that so simply and easily by accessing your inner creative awesome.

This isn’t just beneficial for lightworkers though – this is essential for all women.

Here are just some of the many benefits of allowing creativity into your lives:

  • More powerful, more connected meditation and intuitive practices.
  • Using your emotions in a healthy and supportive way.
  • Learning more about your emotions in a simple and safe environment.
  • Using your own energy positively to protect the ego from harm.
  • Making yourself less vulnerable to being affected by sudden shifts in the situations surrounding you.
  • A regular creative practice also provides stability for your emotions and can support you on a path of growth.

I know from my own experience that the one thing that calms me in times of turbulence is my art. Or indeed watching others making art. It’s a powerful form of therapy that quietens the monkey mind, engages your soul and really helps you shine and grow in all senses.

Anything creative quite literally soothes my soul. And I know it can soothe and empower yours too.

Here are three beautiful options for those of you who want to go deeper. You want the deluxe package and to receive the best creative therapy available to you:

These sessions are so very special and important for your healthy spiritual growth. You will be able to connect with your soul’s footprint, your aura and really see yourself in the truest most magical way.

You will feel that you know yourself so much better by following the whispers along to an aura angel art work. You can choose to create your own aura angel or have me create one for you. It’s a truly special experience that will truly enrich your soul.

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These are coming very, very soon! I will be sharing a beautiful bundle of gorgeous awakened meditations to help you connect with your soul self, remain calm and really live your best possible life.

These meditations are completely new – a totally new type of meditation, accompanied by beautiful time-lapse art videos. These are beautifully therapeutic and will greatly benefit your soul self and your overall spiritual well-being.

Sign up to my newsletter (and get access to so many other gorgeous creative, soulful goodies!) and you’ll be the first to hear when these become available.

Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

This is the most creative of all three offers. Come join me for more creative fun than you can shake a stick at.

This is the deluxe creative offer – jam packed with creative courses, monthly challenges, podcasts, video tutorials and more.

Everything you need to invite the creative into your life.

And when you make space for creativity, magic and enlightenment are sure to follow.

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Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

using art to create the space to grow and shineMy name is Sarah and I am an artist, creative therapist and wise old soul.

I work with all kinds of people – holistic health workers, healers, lightworkers. Artists, beginners and curious souls.

Together we create the space they need to shine and grow.

Being creative is not a luxury – it’s not just for the rich or for people who have the time. It’s essential to everybody. Looking after your spiritual health can take on many different forms – I’m going to suggest to you that creativity is one of the most powerful healing modalities there is.

How do I know that? Because it healed my own life.

I’m here to challenge you to allow yourself to ignite a spark of inspiration inside you. This tiny spark might have been dormant for a very long time. It might never have been allowed to flicker and flame at all. But it’s there, waiting for you. I would like to help you ignite it.

As awakened and whole human beings we have to make space to grow, thrive and shine.

Creative activities give you exactly that. Space.

You can dream while you doodle.

Ponder while you paint.

Come create with me then go forth and conquer the world!

Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

As an artist, I take care of my spiritual health and well-being using crystals, kinesiology and regular meditation.

Art is also a key piece of the spiritual puzzle.

Let me help you to take care of your own spiritual health using creativity as our healing tool.