about artistI am Sarah. Artist, creative healer, wise woman and powerful old soul. About

I am a whimsical artist who is full of fun – I am fully connected to my own energies and aura.

I am a curious creature – interested in all kinds of everyday magic and rituals.

Each of my days contain my art.

My art is my soul.

My art is my life.

My alchemy lies on the canvas and in the mixing of the paints. My spells are bound with collage pages, haphazardly and joyfully combined.

My heart spills onto each page of art.

My soul standing proud, in a whimsical and colourful form.

Let me connect you with the magic of creativity too.

Let me light the fire of art in your own soul.

It’s time.

Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

about artistI am rooted in my creativity and magic. Everything I do in my life is geared towards genuine balanced growth and becoming as fiercely proudly successful as I can be. I am committed to living this creatively and building a community of creatives from the ground up.

I am rooted in my soul self and comfortable in my own skin as a woman and a magical being.

about artist

I am sacredly and sacrally committed to experience new things and reach for the stars. I take great pleasure in creating new art work and sharing new techniques with other curious souls.

My divine feminine essence glows with the light of my creative endeavours.

I am free to be me – imperfect, exasperating and fun to be around!


about artist

I am confident soul who uses her art to help boost her emotions, self worth and self esteem. I believe that our super power lies in our creative joy and that we are not really truly ourselves until we have embraced our natural born inner creative.

I am a ray of sunshine as I sprinkle magical angel dust on everything I create.

I shine.

about artist

In my heart I am a dreamer and a romantic. I have an emotional attachment to my work and a very real attachment to the pieces I create. Whether I am illustrating or doodling on my IPad or creating a custom aura angel to help depict a person’s precious soul self – all pieces are important to me and full of love.

I love my creative life.

about artist

I express my truth here and share my work with the world. I communicate it’s worth and value and allow people to connect with the wealth of knowledge I have acquired over the years. I share the highs and lows, my feelings, my successes and my goofs.

I love to tell my story and share more of me with the world.

The world needs more stories in it.

about artist

The big picture for me is to enable and encourage other women to connect with their creative souls as I have. To give in to the urge and need your soul self has to be given the space to grow and shine. I embue all of my ECourses and my Community site with all of my intuition, wisdom and skills.

My soul self is in complete alignment with my goal to help women be their most creative selves.

about artist

Spiritually I know exactly how important it is for women to give themselves the time they need to create. It’s essential for their well being emotionally and for their place in the world. When we are truly able to let go and create we are connected fully to source in the most simple and joyful way imaginable. We are whole.

I am connected to source energies and can help to connect you too.

Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

Won’t you take a lento tempo break with me?

Together we can create a revolution. A tribe of awakened and connected women who are fully present in their lives, their bodies, their hearts.

We can create our hearts out.

Embracing the joy of art and all that goes with it.

What is a lento tempo you ask? It literally translates as slow speed.

And it’s vital for women. We physically need this time in order to thrive and live our fullest lives.

Creativity is the perfect way to honour that slower speed or lento tempo. 

We connect with our soul selves, we allow ourselves to grow, shine, manifest and be all we can be in this life.

Creative practices demand (although gently) that we slow down, silence the monkey mind and attune to ourselves.

Come join my sisterhood of awakened creative women and watch your soul self soar. Click the picture below to find out more!

about artist