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This site of mine is the place where I share my curiously creative self with the world. The name came about from a few different sources – quotes and sayings that really touched me and made me think about my own personal journey and how best to share my gifts with the world.


I’m hoping my curiosity won’t be the death of me too!

I also really love kitties so much! I have two myself – Ambrose and Darla – and I wouldn’t be without them ;)

about me now

My name is Sarah and you are so very welcome here.  I am an artist, creativity coach, a musician, a writer, and a blogger, based in the UK.

Red heartI am a creative soul, living each day to create something (even if that something happens to be a mess!) I write on my blog about living a curious life and trying new things. I also post lots of ideas for artistic and creative projects alongside some great sources of inspiration. I aim to encourage everyone to join in this Curious Community of mine, living life to the full with all of it’s gifts and goals.

I love creating art. I love creating things full stop. My store is a part of my life I am extremely proud of and also frequently immersed in.

Pink heart 4I started my store as a creative outlet. My very first item? My set of Pocket Mantra cards. I decided to name my store after my blog – as a way to create a brand that’s consistent. I love all things cat-like and am curious about just about everything imaginable. The name was a natural fit for me! A key feature of my work is the love I have for it. I am so passionate about my products and I love to see the happy reactions of people when they have received them in the post.

My store has grown and grown as I have become more and more curious and inspired to create, and as I have produced more and more new ideas. I spend a lot of time working on new items and love to be able to share these with people.


Pink heart 3I focus on producing art mainly – both digital and mixed media. I also sell lots of fabulous inspiration based gifts, cards for lots of occasions and some lovely jewellery. The one thing that all of these items have in common is my art work. It features in everything I create.

I love creating new things – art work, cards, jewellery and more. I spend every moment I can creating and I literally love every minute of it.

I get such a buzz out of trying a new material or technique and I get inspiration from pretty much everywhere.

about my not so curious life before

Pink heart 2It wasn’t always this way though. For the longest time my inner critic really ruled the roost. She told me all kinds of stories that kept me in my place and basically kept me from creating anything at all. Wanna hear some examples?


 Sound familiar? Want to leave your inner critic behind like I have? Read on, my friend.

about curious wisdom

All of that has changed for me.

Pink heart 1It didn’t happen overnight, but little by little I found myself opening up to new possibilities and ideas. I found myself booking art retreats, starting to blog, sharing my ideas and letting the real me come shining through.

It was liberating.

purple heartThe latest stage of this awakening came when I founded The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood. This is a gorgeous community site aimed at enriching the lives of creative women everywhere. Curious to find out more? Click on the picture below to find out all of the details :)


about curiously familiar

green heartAre you longing to live a more creatively fulfilled life that honours your soul and relies on your gifts and passions? Are you a smart, independent, creative, resourceful woman who is full of fun, hope and vision? Have you been running a creative business on the side of your professional career for a couple of years? Do you feel unfulfilled at your day job, and spend time dreaming and planning that your side gig (aka your soul’s purpose) will be enough for you to pursue your passion and bring in some extra income?

Love, I’ve been in exactly that place.

coral heartWith all of the responsibilities at work and at home, it can be so hard to find enough time (or energy) to grow your business. Plus you feel tied to the stability that having a “real, adult” job gives you.

Love, I’ve been in exactly that place too.

about my curious mission

blue heartBetween the passions and skills that we have all learned from our professional lives, we acquire quite a bit of knowledge that we can share with the world. It’s that knowledge, insight and experience that I would love to share with you.

  • I strive to provide women just like you with the inspiration, the information and the support to nurture their creative spirits and launch themselves into a life that is full of joy and much more on soul purpose. I can help you to find a way to start to introduce more creativity into your life. You don’t have to take that path alone, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Let’s plan for a brighter future together.
  • I do what I do because I want to make the world a more soulful and creative place. I want to challenge the notion that we should pursue “useful” and “stable” career paths. The idea that creative expression is a privilege, not a necessity. It is slated as something that you do after your “real work” is complete, not a valid profession.
  • I want to create a world where artists didn’t have to starve. Where they could not only pay their bills, but actually THRIVE. I want to live in a world where children are actually encouraged to become artists, writers, musicians, poets, and philosophers.

This is what I am working towards. This is the world which I believe we can all live in, in abundance and happiness. This is why I do what I do.

about curiously great fit

  • As an artist I have studied online with Kelly Rae Roberts, Jane Davenport, Christy Tomlinson, Andrea Gomoll, Bonnie Christine, Tamara La Porte and more. I regularly top up my art skills with a wide range of different courses, styles and creative challenges. I believe this puts me in a wonderful position to help other lovelies to access their own creative sparks and ignite their creative souls too.


  • As a coach I have taught for over ten years in schools, colleges, online and via one to one tuition. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Education.  I have completed Counselling Skills qualifications (NVQs) and Coaching and Mentoring Diplomas with Nottingham University. I have also completed  an Angel Therapy Certification and a Crystal Healing Diploma with The Centre of Excellence.


  • Spiritually, I am a devotee of Francesca De Grandis and her Celtic Shamanism (as presented in her “Be a Goddess” and “Goddess Initiation” writings). I would describe myself as an Earthy Wiccan – I seek to restore the connection with the ancient wisdom of herbs, seasons and the earth’s rhythms themselves. I believe that the earth has a lot to teach us and that we can all access that wisdom and benefit from inviting it more fully into our intentional lives. I have also studied Oracle Card Divination with Collette Baron Reid.


  • As a musician I studied at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) with some of the country’s finest musicians. I specialised in brass playing, merry making and growing my own sense of style and musical voice. I play the Euphonium, Trombone and the Flugel Horn, alongside a little Piano playing too.

welcome to my artists website

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