Welcome to my art-casts page! I’m so glad you found your way here.

Here you’ll find the latest in my art-cast series collection. What is an art-cast you say? Read on my friend, and I’ll tell you …

The idea came to me because I love podcasts but find my mind wandering because I don’t have anything visual to focus on.

Hence, the art-cast was born!

I have two types of art-casts to choose from – one with lots of chat from me (so more like a traditional podcast) and one with just the art and some music for company.

I’ve also included my Curious Chat Sessions here on the page – they are full of information and inspiration about all ¬†manner of different topics.

You’re sure to find the exact right thing for you right here :)

Let’s dive in shall we!


art casts

This is the chatty option – I have filmed myself creating some pages in my art journal and added over the top an audio track of me discussing an issue that’s close to my heart.

These art-casts are wonderfully informative and truly inspirational. You can listen to them (without watching the video) by simply pressing play and going about your day. Or settle in with a cuppa so you can watch and listen at the same time. The choice is yours!

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This neart castsxt series of art-casts are simple. It’s just you, me, my art journal and some music.

No chatter, just a relaxing romp through my journal pages and the different art techniques I am exploring on that day.

This is an (almost) daily practice for me and it is a fantastic way to begin the day.

PS. Any pregnant pauses are likely to be me drinking my cup of coffee at the art table ;)blank white rectangle

These lovely videos are a part of my Facebook Group – The Curious Community. I pop on a (usually live) video and share some inspiration, keep people up to date with the latest developments in my world and share a card reading too. I know you’ll love these curious musings as much as I enjoy sharing them.



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art-castsIf you’re looking for more information on being creative, on running/starting your own biz and more besides check out this series too!

You can get involved in asking the questions each month by becoming a member of my Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood, or by joining my Curious Community group on Facebook.

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