christmas angels cards now available in my shop!

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you the brand new christmas angels cards now available in my shop!

i am so happy to finally have these all listed! i love creating christmas designs (they are my favourites) and you’ll be seeing plenty more angels as time goes on too!

i hope you love these little ladies, and that they’ll be making their way to your loved ones post boxes in time for christmas!

Greetings Cards, Merry and Bright Angel Greeting Card, Christmas Card, Merry Christmas.

my merry and bright angel, a beautiful and thoughtful little pixie angel. guaranteed to make your loved ones smile!

Greetings Cards, Deck The Halls Angel Greeting Card, Christmas Card, Merry Christmas.

deck the halls with this lovely angel. she is so calm and serene – maybe she can keep you calm this christmas :)

Greetings Cards, Peace on Earth Angel Greeting Card, Christmas Card

peace on earth – especially at christmas. let her light shine into your homes and your lives this christmas.

Greetings Cards, Joy and love Angel Greeting Card, Christmas Card, Merry Christmas.

joy and love at christmas time. this calm blue angel has a special smile just for you.

i hope you love this little angels – i am really pleased with how lovely and colourful they look printed onto cards. i can’t wait to start sending out these lovelies.

don’t forget my special offer card package either – it’s a great saving if you have a lot of cards to send out. you can get a selection of 10 of my cards for only £9.99 ($14). just let me know when you buy which designs you would like!

have a great day lovelies – thanks for letting me share!

ps. don’t forget to pop back on friday – i have a cool giveaway to share with you.

pps. don’t forget about the cgs instalments offer. it runs out very soon! grab it while you can lovelies!


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12 thoughts on “christmas angels cards now available in my shop!

  1. What beautiful designs! I love that they have such a unique feel to them. Some Christmas cards are so boring and typical. I love that these would make all the recipients smile :)

  2. Look great! I have to admit I’m jealous, I still have a few Christmas items to finish and get listed, not to mention all the gifts I have to make.

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