meditate to create

meditate to create

hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you a wonderful new free challenge i am calling meditate to create <3

if you’ve every wanted to make more time for you, to invite more space into your life then this will be perfect for you.

each day, for 4 whole days, we will share meditations and creative prompts to help us relax, unwind and connect with our soul selves.

this free challenge will allow you to experience the freedom of creativity. it’s an essential part of my spiritual self care practice, and i know it should be a part of yours too.

let me explain …

if you fill your days with busy work, with barely a chance to stop and think at all then how can you expect to grow?

you’ve not left any room for growth!

we have to make space to grow, shine and thrive.

creative activities give you exactly that space.

and that’s what will be winging it’s way to your inbox directly if you sign up.

just you, me and the space to grow.

are you in?

sign up below lovely <3

we begin on may 15th – i really hope you’ll join us ;)

meditate to create

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