creative prompts to liven up your life!

creative prompts to liven up your life

hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share how you can grab yourself some creative prompts to liven up your life!

it can be hard sometimes, coming up with things to keep yourself creating. often times, it’s the getting started that’s the issue. once you begin, you find yourself flying along happily.

that’s part of why i created creativity calling.

it’s a series of prompts to take you right through the year, creating new art and focusing on different topics each and every month.

have a little look at this video to hear more about it and to see some sneak peaks from october’s offerings.

here are the monthly topics, all planned out until the end of september 2018:

October – Happy Days
1) The unicorn of happiness – creating a colourful unicorn canvas with quote.
2) Come on get happy – journalling prompts on happiness and magic.
3) Happiness Overload – Unicorns are everywhere and they sparkle and shine.
4) Your happy life – what can you do to usher in happiness, no matter what? Journalling and mantras.

November – Fireworks
1) Explosions of colour – experimenting with rainbow canvasses.
2) The night sky – journalling on the stars and reaching for them.
3) Creative spark – tips on finding inspiration and getting started.
4) Sparkling – because who doesn’t love some sparkle?!

December – Look Back
1) The year so far – a canvas that combines journalling on achievements.
2) A review – journalling on good and bad and acceptance.
3) Don’t look back in Anger – don’t dwell on the small stuff. Focus on the positive and keep moving forwards.
4) Looking forwards – what do we have to look forward to? So much!

January – New Beginnings
1) Letting Go – a canvas to help us let go fo what we don’t want to bring into the new year.
2) Finding your voice – journalling on what you want to say this year and what you want to send out into the world.
3) Embracing the new – roll with the changes and feel calm.
4) Your Song – putting your favourite songs into your art.

February – Back to the Light
1) What will you grow? A canvas on growth and dreams.
2) Nourish – simple journalling on nourishing yourself and your dreams.
3) Nurture – how can you nurture yourself and your dreams and bring them forward?
4) Expand – expanding yourself, your energies and your ideas.

March – Step Lively
1) Joyful Dances – what are you dancing joyfully with in your life?
2) A fresh approach – how can you look at things differently? Journalling.
3) Change your moves – embrace the changes that bring you where you need to be.
4) Work it – let these changes begin to work for you.

April – Take Stock
1) Empowering your Voice – what can we remember to empower from our previous explorations of voice?
2) Refreshing your approach – any small changes you can make to reach your target?
3) Your Beautiful Gifts – what can you celebrate about you and your year so far?
4) Sing your song! Add your own verses and make it all about celebrating you!

May – Dive In
1) Sketchy goodess – sketching your life.
2) Colour crazy – explore new combinations.
3) Patterns and pretties – making patterns on the canvas.
4) Make your mark – exploring mark making.

June – A Sunny Disposition
1) A bright sunshiney day – on canvas.
2) Sing a happy tune – journal.
3) Companions in sunshine – a cute scene full of sunshine and love.
4) A Summers meadow – exploring a summer scene.

July – Cocooning
1) Nests – different nests and spaces
2) Sanctuary – where can you squirrel yourself away?
3) Going within – what are your true desires.
4) Your safe place – what that means for you.

August – Breathe Easily
1) Relax! Everything is fabulous!
2) Stay calm. Journalling on calmness
3) Mellow Yellow – exploring the shades and chilling out.
4) Your dreamiest day – turned into art.

September – Look Left
1) Left behind – are there any things we have left behind this year we want to bring back?
2) Left out – what can we release happily and let go of?
3) Left hand side – what is vital to you?
4) Left over – what do you have to give?

don’t they sound fun?! i hope so!

you can sign up for one month, two months – however long you want to. and you can grab some monthly inspiration for as little as $1 per month!

i truly believe that art should be available to all – and in creating this easy to access series i am hoping i can really make that a reality.

so, what are you waiting for? head over to patreon and join us right away!

feel free to share this with others who you think might like it too!

have a fantastic day!

ps. creativity is calling to you – will you answer? find out how right here.

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