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This soulful ECourse will encourage you to be more creative whilst connecting with your soul and your dreams more deeply each week.

What is this course all about?

This gorgeous, emailed inspirational E-Course is 52 weeks of inspiration, advice and visual delights written for you to become a more confident, happy and sparkly person! I have filled this course with ideas, tips and pages from my own journal to help you aim towards a happier, more fulfilled life plus a beautifully crafted journal. I used this journal myself to work through my recovery from depression, so I know the prompts are powerful and I’d love to have these prompts help you too.

Each week you will receive a love note from me via email, filled full of my own examples and examples from around the web to inspire you in your journey with your journal.

Here are some of the prompts I use in the course, just to give you an idea:

Do what moves you, emotions as gifts, you are special, have faith and courage, sing your own song, thoughts shine from your mind, choose joy plus many, many more.

My artwork and my own examples also feature throughout this course. It truly is an uplifting and inspiring course and would make a wonderful tool for planning your next steps in life and how to live in a more contented way.

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Who is it perfect for?

If you’re looking to spend time reflecting on and redirecting your life this is the course for you. If you’re longing to venture into more creative pursuits but just need a little guidance on your way this course is for you. If you’re wondering what creativity and magic your life holds in store this course is for you.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life this course can help you to process your feelings and feel more whole.

It will help you focus in on what truly makes your heart sing. It will inspire you to invite the magic of creativity into your life on a regular (and meaningful) basis.

More about me and the technical details!

As an art and creativity coach in my local area I charge £20 for a 1 hour lesson. You are getting a series of 52 lessons for such a bargain price! What should cost £1040 is offered to you for a great price!

Enjoy!! Once you purchase this bundle of loveliness you can download the access instructions straight from this site – no waiting!

You can either read this E-Course via your tablet/smart phone or laptop computer whilst writing your ideas down in your journal, or you can print off your emails and use the printouts to work your way through the course. Whichever option makes you happiest!

This is a gorgeous, uplifting, affordable (less than 80p per week of inspiration!), motivational E-Course will definitely inspire you to greater things. It will make a welcome addition to your motivational library and would make a fantastic, inspiring gift for a friend or loved one. Each time you read it you will pick up more and more insights and a nice warm and happy buzz will grow deep in your heart and soul. This is a professionally produced E-Course combining my art work and illustrations with my uplifting words and ideas. It is prepared with much love and soul inspired inspiration. That kind of soul’s warmth shines through from my heart to your home and life.

I am an artist and writer who creates curious art for curious souls. All of my work is influenced by a desire to inspire and uplift. I am unique and different because I provide inspiration and illustration with a feline or feminine twist thrown in for free, which no one else in my field provides. No one else can or will provide this because they’re not me! I combine inspirational words and e books with art featuring felines and females, lovingly sketched and thoughtfully put together. If you are looking for high quality art, created with love and sacredly inspired through thought, meditation and prayer then you are definitely in the right place.

This email E-Course would love to find it’s way onto your tablet, phone or computer. That’s where it can perform it’s magic.

♥Don’t hesitate – go with your heart. If this E-Course speaks to you then it is destined to be yours! ♥

Click below to make your purchase and start your journalling adventure!

This would make a great inspirational gift for a friend or loved one. Simply let me know when you buy that it is a gift purchase and I will email out a gorgeous gift certificate (plus instructions) for your special someone.

Some Gorgeous Testimonials for this ECourse (from my curiously gorgeous sisters):

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