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Curious art work, necklaces, brooches,  custom goodies, aura angels and so much more, all handmade and created in Yorkshire.



Here you will find curiously lovely gifts, filled with inspiration, love and light. All of my work is influenced by a desire to inspire and uplift.

I am sure you will find the perfect thing here that you’ll love ….

♥ Love art work that’s covered in kisses, smothered with love and infused with Angelic energy? Check out my Curious Original Art Section.
♥ Love necklaces and brooches that are basically wearable art? Check out my Curious Jewellery section.
♥ Looking for creative inspiration and a community to be part of? Check out my sisterhood offer.

All of these things are here in my curious shop and many more things besides.


Curious? Stay a while – have a good look around :)


I have lots of lovely art originals available for you lovely – just head over to find the perfect thing. I love to paint angels, whimsy girls, energy art, elemental art, chakra art. I follow wherever the whispers take me.

I work with mixed media and love to mix the paints on the page and create truly unique pieces that are full of charm and love. They are also each infused with Angelic energy from my guide.

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These lovely accessories are a little reminder that you can carry with you wherever you may be going to. I love to choose one of these designs intentionally each day and let it’s energies support me as I go about my work and life.

Each of these pieces is also infused with Angelic energy, and makes a wonderful touchstone for you to find and keep your calm as you work your way through your day.

Find Your Gift Here

Art Prints

This is where you get to order a beautiful piece of printed art work that is special and just for you. Whether it’s a gift for you or a friend, or some art work for your office space, you will find the perfect thing right here.

I have so many prints available in lots of different styles – from the whimsical to art that makes a play on words. There are so many pieces to choose from – you will be spoilt for choice.

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Summertime Me-Time

Come on over and check out my completely new and very special offers for Summer. Beautiful creative options to help calm and clear your mind, elevate the creative soul self and live your best life ever.

Click below to learn about the whole collection of offers for every budget and how you can make sure you make time for me-time this Summer

Get Yours

These are such special offers – beautiful aura angels to delight your very soul. You’ll get to connect with your own unique aura and soul’s footprint and see them both represented on a beautiful bespoke canvas.

Or you could even book a session with me and paint one of your very own (with my help of course!).

Connect With Your Aura Angel

Come join my Curious Soul Sisterhood, where there are so many creative goodies you literally won’t know quite what to do with yourself! You’ll feel supported and guided on your creative journey and use those new found creative skills to heal your heart and soul.

Women are designed to respond beautifully to creative pursuits – they literally replenish our inner wells and make our soul selves shine. Let me help you to invite this gorgeousness into your own life – you definitely won’t regret it!

Join The Sisterhood


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I really hope you find something here that you or your friends or loved ones will love.

Everything I make is lovingly handmade and full of joy and sparkles.

Have a wonderful time browsing my curious shop!

xo Sarah