The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood

The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood

This is a sanctuary for the soul. A place to give yourself the space to grow, shine and thrive.

It’s a space for creatives, healers, lightworkers. Artists, beginners and all curious souls.

This is the online artists community space for creative souls. It is also a place where you can heal your life by giving your creative soul self the chance to be free.

You’ve found us – you are home!

Here you will find a whole host of inspirational tutorials, videos, ebooks, ecourses and much, much more.

All created by artist, musician and creativity coach Sarah Leonard.

I believe that art can heal. It can take away old hurts, restore your confidence and self esteem and raise your vibration. I believe this because I have lived this experience myself. I have gone from creating nothing and being stressed and depressed, to creating (and selling) my art and being happy and content. And you can too!

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welcome to our artists community testimonials

“There is so much here in The CGS – more even than I realised on signing up. If you’re a creative person the sisterhood will keep you going for months (if not years!) with ideas for creative projects.”

“Yes I would recommend the Sisterhood because it’s a sweet place to spend some crafty time. “

“I love having a space in which I can put creativity first. It motivates me to share my creative endeavours and just let things flow!”

“If you’re looking for a creative community, Sarah’s is simply wonderful. She runs this amazing group of women and offers all of her tutorials and ebooks as part of the membership.”

 “All of Sarah’s work is so pretty and so interesting, and she is super generous passing on what she knows. Seriously, a lovely and inspiring place to be, even if you’re an artist (like me).”

“I love the ebooks – they are fun and quirky and gently magical. But also the freebies as well.”

“After spending time as a sister I feel inspired.”

“The free resources are great, but one of the best benefits is being able to ask questions and get feedback from others. Sarah runs a nice community where everyone is respectful and helps each other to reach individual goals.”

“I appreciate membership to your curiously gorgeous sisterhood, you have some wonderful goodies on offer!”

“The Facebook posts always get me thinking. The CGS de-stresses me through the art we create.”

“Looking forward to painting later, inspired by Sarah.”

“After spending time as a sister I feel more supported.”

“So happy to be a member of The CGS. I am SO looking forward to the journalling course. You are an inspiration!”

“Thanks for creating a safe space to share.”

“I would recommend The CGS because it’s fun. It’s full of information on how to get creative (which I struggle with unless it’s writing) and it’s healing.”

“Sarah’s life’s work is included in the sisterhood. You get her art, ebooks and tons of other downloadable awesome. And I do mean awesome. Everything she puts out you can tell she did it with 110% heart. It’s done lovingly and beautifully.”

“The CGS weekly creativity prompts have helped me stay in touch with my creativity.”

“The whole package is such good value! I’m inspired to be more creative and have lots of new ways to incorporate creativity into my daily life.”

“You got me started on journalling. I’ve never been one to keep a journal and FINISH IT! Starting my next one soon. So yes, it has changed me and I would recommend the sisterhood for that reason alone.”

welcome to our artists community testimonials